Container records, Brixton’s music shippment

London in Springtime, there’s few things like it, it has a glorious brightness that flushes everyone out with a smile on their faces.

As we headed out for a dose of sun and good vibes we decided to go to Pop Brixton where we bumped into a pleasant little surprise, a record store Yay!.

Container Records  a really interesting place, it’s literally a shipping container turned into a mini record store. Their music selection is quite varied and has that Brixton taste all over it.

As I dug in the house and techno section I found a couple of gems that I hadn’t seen in other stores, one from Kompakt records took me back to a time I watched Michael Meyer play this same tune in Barcelona and the other was a release from the Prodigal Son, a London record label that releases some mind-blowing in Techno.


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I like Techno but I love House Music. Less is More - Yoga Lover

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