Freedom Festival 2018 – Medellin – Colombia


Are you planning to go to Medellin, next year but you still haven’t decided which dates are the best to go??. Well, let me give you another good reason to escape from the coldest time of the year.

Medellin is known for Pablo Escobar, the cartel, Netflix etc..  and all that repetitive history that many of you might already know and probably this must be one of the reasons why you want to go there…  but what a lot of people still don’t know is that in Medellin we love Electronic Music, that’s why every year MedellinStyle brings all the best of this genre to the city of eternal spring.

In February 2018 MedellinStyle will be presenting the 6th edition of  Freedom 2018 Festival Internacional de Musica Electronica de MDE and for the very first time, the festival will last two days. February 2nd and 3rd at Plaza Mayor.

These are the latest confirmed additions Amelie Lens, Dasha RushDimi Angélis, Eliphino, Exos, Francois X, Giorgio Gili, Klaudia Gawlas, Luigi Madonna, Maayan Nidam, Oliver Deutschmann, Reboot, Roberto Capuano, Santiago Salazar  , Shifted, Shlømo, Sigha, The Advent, Varg.

The timetable 



The tickets for the Two-day festival are only USD 45  around 35 GB. Not bad at all for two days festival with different artists and genres of the electronic music.  You can get the tickets via Medellinstyle   (Right side) or via  RA

Check out Freedom 2016 Aftermovie

If you want to know where else you can party at Medellin check this link here 

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