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If you landed on this page, you might already know about Medellin thriving Electronic Music scene, specifically the Techno and house movement. In this post, we will list the top Techno and House Music Festivals in the second-largest city of Colombia.

Freedom Festival

Probably the most important underground Festival in Medellin and Colombia. Since the beginning, Medellin Style’s Founder and curator, Jose Luis Posada, has been on a mission to keep the underground alive. The lineup is always very diverse, featuring local, national, and international artists spanning various genres such as Techno, Ambient, and House and some of their variants.

DJ Hell – FDM223

Over the last decade, some of the artists who have played in past editions are Mr G, Audion Live, Birds ov Paradise, Lotus Eater Live, Marcus Henriksson, Sebastian Mullaert Live, Setaoc Mass, Joseph Capriatti, Mathew Jonson Live, Electric Indigo, The Lady Machine, Steevio, Zadig, rRoxymore, and Julianna to name a few of many great artists that have put Medellin’s people dancing. 

Date and Duration: 3 days. Freedom Festival occurs annually and is usually over the first weekend of February from midday until midnight.

Price:  Approx £40 ($45 USD) for the 3 days

Location: Plaza Mayor is super central, and you can quickly arrive by metro, bus, and taxi. 

How to get here: The nearest Metro stations are Alpujarra and Exposiciones. 

Keep an eye on MedellinStyle’s Website, Instagram, and Facebook channels to know their latest events and all the information about Freedom Festival. 

Baum Park Festival

The team from the legendary Baum Club from Bogota extended their horizons to Medellin. Every year along with Breakfast Club promoters, they bring some of the big names of Techno, Tech-House, and House music to Medellin.  

Date and Duration: 1 Day. The Festival is usually in May but might vary between May’s first and second weekends

This year is on May 6th.. You should check their website, Instagram or Facebook to learn more details.

Price: Approx £45 ($56)

Baum Park Medellin
Credit – Baum Park

Location: Parque Norte is relatively central and is an attraction Park with some rides and a lake in the middle. 

How to get there: Hospital is the nearest metro station.

Lovers Festival

This Festival is relatively new and is gaining more popularity yearly, especially in the east side of Antioquia.

The lineup is diverse, with local, national, and some international artists. 

Dj playing music to crowd at Lovers Festival - Colombia
Credit Lovers Festival

Date and Duration: 1 Day. During the past years, the Lovers Festival has been held in July. However, the dates may change yearly, so checking Lovers Festival website or social media channels for the most up-to-date information is essential. 

Price: Approx: £23 ($33 USD)

Location: Past versions have been near El Aeropuerto Jose Maria Cordoba, but according to the promoters, this year, the place is changing, so keep an eye on their social media channels.

Dj playing music to crowd at Lovers Festival - Colombia
Credit – Lovers Festival

Dreaming Festival

This new Festival looks promising; the first edition was in 2022, and the promoters brought big names such as Ben Sims. Kaiser, Black Lotus, and Adriana Lopez.

Images Credit – Dreaming Festival

Date and Duration: Last year was two days. However, this year is only one day on June 17th. Make sure to visit Dreaming Festival’s website, Facebook, and Instagram.

Price: Approx £23 ($33 USD)

Location: Sky Center – Central Mayorista ( Bloque Naranja La Mayorista)

How to get there: Ayurá Metro Station


MedellinStyle spoiled Medellin with another three days of the Festival at one of Medellin’s most beautiful outdoor venues – El Jardín Botánico.

Date: August 18th to 20th

Price: Currently, the price is £25 -$30 USD – Get them via Eventbrite.

Location: Jardín Botánico is relatively central and is Medellin’s Central Garden (Is nearby El Parque Norte)

How to get there: Hospital is the nearest metro station.

Images Credit – MedellinStyle


Breakfast Club organisers are the promoters behind the Festival. They also own Salon Amador, a small, famous house & techno club in Medellin’s Electronic Music scene. They are also recognised for the variety of music experiences they bring to the city. Ritvales started as a one-day festival, but due to its success, it has grown into two days festival.

In previous years artists such as Ellen Allien, Fjaak, Coyu, Richie Hawtin, Recondite, Abdulhadi, Mathias Tanzman, Deborah de Luca, Nina Kraviz, Rodriguez JR, Black Coffee, Green Velvet, Fort Romeau, Cassy, and many more have played here.

Ritvales - Line Up

Ritvales lineup is hugely varied this year, which is quite refreshing for those who want to expand their horizons beyond house and techno music.

Date: Nov 4th and 5th

Price: £77 for both days. ($95 USD) Get them via La Tiquetera

Location: Parque Norte – This is the same venue as Baum Park. The Breakfast Club organisers use this venue because it works well for their work. 

Medellin Techno Festival 

This is another brand new Techno festival in Medellin, which we believe is going to stay because the promoters are Intelligent Division, one of the most respected music collectives in Medellin, led by Deraout and Ricardo Cardona (Richie DJ) – two of the most well-known DJs, producers and promoters in Medellin. They have been doing parties for over 15 years, and the collective also owns Mute, one of the most prominent Techno Clubs in Medellin. 

The first editionFestivalFestival was in October 2022. Last year’s lineup was formed by  Slam Djs, Pfirter, Ansome & Perc, and great national and local artists such as DXD live ( Deraout & Deadwalkman) and YUGEN (Juli Monsalve and Kriss Salas).

Keep an eye on Intelligent Division and Medellin Techno’s Festival Instagram profile to stay updated it. 

Date and Duration: 1 Day – November 11 – 2023

Price: Currently, the price is on pre-sale for only £9( $12 USD). Get them via

Location: TBC 

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