Must-have Music Apps to stream House and Techno

If you are the type of person who enjoys listening to proper Techno and House on your daily commute or while at work then let me recommend you a few mobile and desktop Music Apps tips to help you discover great music.

Spotify's logo

Spotify’s underground music catalogue is simply brilliant. I’m seeing more and more labels publishing their latest releases and their old ones as well. Spend some time following your favourite artists in here so that you get notifications whenever they release something new.

Spotify notifies you when new music is released
New Techno releases, awesome!

After following artists remember to also look at the “Related artists” tab, don’t be afraid of clicking on unfamiliar artists names, there’s a good chance that you’ll be pleasantly surprised.


Soundcloud's logo

The legendary Berlin startup recently made a deal with Sony music to release a new paid-for platform Soundcloud Go. I’m hoping that this deal won’t mean that free users like myself will be forced to listen to ads.

In the meantime I’ll say that this App can be an amazing or a disappointing experience depending on who you follow, the gold is in your music stream, literally. Here are a few users that I recommend you follow:

Invite’s ChoiceTelekom Electronic Beats, Dekmantel, Boiler Room, Deep Mix Moscow Radio, Crossfrontier audio, Autobrent, Reclaim your city, Awakenings, Dikso records, TRAX magazine, Ostgut TonDekmantelThe House Party.

Or if you could just follow the Beats Catcher SoundCloud and get all the good stuff as well 😉


Redbull Music Academy Radio

Most people have heard music from Red Bull Music Academy Radio, but many are still surprised to discover that it has iOS and Android Apps. And really good one too.

Off course I like their live recorded sets, they are usually a good way to get to know new artists, but what I like the most are their fireside chat shows in which artists get to tell their own stories in a monologue that its accompanied by the tracks that highlighted their careers.

A few sets I recommend: A guy called Gerald, Dr. Rubinstein, Marcel Dettmann, Giorgio Moroder, DVS1

A few fireside chat shows that I recommend: Frankie Knuckles (this is a must for house lovers), Richie Hawtin, Seth Troxler, Nile Rodgers, Ricardo Villalobos,


Electronic Beats logo

In my opinion, this German media company is one of the most (if not the most) professional outlet dedicated to electronic music. The quality of their productions on tv and in live shows is truly admirable.

Their series of tv documentaries called SLICES are an amazing way to get to know your favourite artists at a deeper level. Videos can be downloaded or streamed on an iPhone App so that you can enjoy them offline as well, (bonus point for tube users).

Electronic beats app

You can also stream video from their website and on their Youtube channel.


Podcasts logo

Apple’s podcasts are one of those annoying Apps that you can’t delete from your iPhone, except that this one is actually (or used to be) quite good. Sadly most of the best podcasts have died, but there are still a few that remain active, so subscribe and get some nice Techno straight onto your mobile.

Watergang Souvenirs Podcast, XLR8R, Beats In Space, RA Podcast, Louche Podcast, Electronic Groove Podcast and AM/FM By Chris Liebing (it used to be called CLR podcast, back then it was much better so do explore their archive for some hidden Techno gems).


A special mention for dead Music Apps that used to be AWESOME

  • Boiler Room
  • Electronic beats radio

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