Sinestesia Collective launches SENSES

Senses Cover - Sinestesia

Senses is the name given to the first album launched by Sinestesia Label. This first work brings together a group of Latin American DJs.

Each artist had the opportunity to contribute their individual musical style developed in their region of origin. Each contribution enables Senses to have unique native sounds on a whole new level.

In Senses, you will listen to various Techno genres making it very diverse in its sound, which is quite striking.

Track List

Sinestesia was created in 2020 by a group of artists from different parts of Colombia.

Their arts converged in a project to mix the senses, recreating the concept of Sinestesia. Therefore having a combination of sounds, lights and other artistic expressions.

“We want that the artists that collaborate with us to express their talent through music and visual arts.”

Juan Nervaez aka Arp Dj – Label Co-Founder

Since its launch, the collective was well accepted by the public. This has helped it grow and have an international projection. 

Sinestesia started in Colombia, and the project moved to London and is currently in Frankfurt.

Due to the growth, the label has been able to add artists of significant trajectories, such as Arp (Co-founder), Andres Poo(Co-founding member), Aüral (founding member), Leah KyveliAtlas and RQVX.

We now want to introduce the first podcast of our collective specials. Aüral gives us 40 minutes of a Techno ride from Lo-fi, raw sounds to clubbing and cosmic rhythms. The set includes all the tracks released on Senses, which shows the versatility of the Album.

We hope you enjoy it!

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