Record stores in Prague for the Techno & House collector

Prague, Czech Republic

On our visit to Prague in 2018 we had the opportunity of experiencing a little bit of the Czech Techno music scene and despite staying for just a few nights it was enough to leave us wanting to return.

When searching for record stores in Prague you’ll see loads of option in town but if you’re mainly interested in buying House or Techno music then we recommend you visit the three specific stores.

Make sure to ask about releases by Czech labels, I was personally very pleased myself with the local talent. By the way, this list is not in any particular order of preference:

Randomart Store

In this store you get a taste of two worlds, one side of it is dedicated to fashion, hand-made garments inspired by futurism and techno music made by the in-house designer. Then on the other hand there are a handful of  record racks, but don’t worry, they are packed with an epic selection of Techno, House and Disco heavily influenced by German, Russian, Czech music.

The music selection was just on point to my liking, dance-floor oriented music that sounded well made, I even struggled to make up my mind on how many we could fit on my luggage.

You must contact them on Instagram or Facebook first to arrange a time for your visit, they operate with appointment only

Gram Records

This small store blends perfectly in the pastel-coloured neighbourhood where it’s located, but don’t let the lovely sights distract you, there’s a discrete store sign on the door.

Gram is cosy and very well organised, you’ll see records arranged by genres and years, making it super easy to find new and classic releases. One side of the store was almost entirely dedicated to House and Techno, while the other offered a bit more variety in genres, from drum and bass, rock etc.

The owner is super nice and helpful, he recommended us a few releases from local artists and we quite enjoyed the stories he told us about the music. Check their stock online at More info on Facebook

To be honest, this is the one store that we couldn’t visit but we’ve heard great things about it, so why not give a try, looks worth a visit to us 😉 More info on the Facebook Page

Happy Digging !

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