Bandcamp is waiving sales fees on Friday 1st of May to help artists impacted by coronavirus pandemic

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After the huge success on March 20th Bandcamp will cut its revenue once again Tomorrow Friday 1st of May to help artists impacted by COVID-19. Here is a list of recommended artists and labels that you should consider supporting.

Back Door Records: A Colombian independent record label based in Orlando, Florida. Founded in 2016 by Dsum to generate a music platform to release the emergent artists in the Latin American community around the world. House/ Deep House/ Dub Techno/ Techno.

Nótt: A label from Medellin owned by 3 great artists and activists Julianna, Andrea Arias aka ZIGE and MAREA. House/ Electronic/ Trip Hop/ Techno /Electro.

Felipe GordonJúpiter EP released on Shall not fade, vinyl will be available May 29th / House/

Merino His album Intuición at Semantica Records is fire. Techno/Ambient

nthng Just dropped a new album; Hypnotherapy LP on Lobster Theremin and is pure goodness 🔥 

Galaktika Records A label from Barcelona owned by Maurice Aymard House/ deep house/. He also owns El Palmas Music a label where he releases Tropical, Rock, disco, Latin, afro, original and reissues.   

Uncany Valley: A record label from Dresden, Germany. Techno/ House/ Disco/ Electro / Breaks

Insurgentes:  A record label based in Medellín hacked by Verraco and Defuse. Techno/Ambient/Post Trance.

Black Lotus: Berlin Born, this girl surprised us at Forte Festival

Move D & Benjamin Brunn: Let’s Call It A Day – Smallville Records / House/ Deep House/ Ambient

Kou: Real Funktion – Nervous Records / House

MR. YT: Brand New EP, ‘Brand New Day’, ‘Southern Paradise’ and ‘Parfum’ Eps were originally released between 1997 – 1998 on Apollo Records and R&S sub-labels Generations and Global Cuts.

St. Xose: Love Equations EP. A producer from Palmira Colombia based in NYC recently released his latest EP on Good Company Records / House/ Deep House/

Sano DJ & Producer from Medellín, Colombia based in Barcelona, Spain. / Folk, Latino body music

Posada: Subliminal EP Bandcamp Exclusive / House/ Deep House

Felipe Gordon: Wait on Me – Toy Tonics / House

Grey Report: Techno label run by Adriana Lopez

Tragicomic Remixes – Valesuchi: Organic Electronic

Bonaventti: Egocentrism / Abstract Techno / Techno / Deep / Minimal /Experimental / House

Fons Vitae by !nertia and Tama by Launaeatwo of many great releases on Seis Records a label from Manizales Colombia. Techno/ Ambient/ Experimental/ Dub Techno

Blanali: Colombian dj Barcelona based likes to explore different styles from Electronic Jazz, Experimental, Wolrd Fusion, House, Ambient.

Woods N Bass Records: Run by Merino, Woods was launched in mid-2009, creating this way, another space to promote different approaches of Techno music Merino also makes part of the Collective Move Medellin, in 2018 they released their first Record Origen – Move / Techno/ Ambient / Experimental

Northallsen Records: A record label run by Aleja Sanchez / Techno / Experimental /Ambient

Lights From The Past by The Zenobit3 on Redsonja Records: An eclectic label own by Pelacha, in which she explores her personal way of understanding the electronic music. Techno/ Dub /Detroit/ Electro.

‘Ted’ (Demos & Alternate Versions) by Baltra: Released this album on April 10th / Ambient/ Break beat / House / Techno

We can’t attend events yet but we can still support artists by buying their music!

Stay Safe and spread love not the virus

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