MOMEM – Museum Of Modern Electronic Music

If you are in Frankfurt am Main and you love electronic music, you should definitely visit the Museum of Modern Electronic Music (MOMEM). We were able to be there on the day of its opening and then visit it with its Sven Väth show.

“A platform for newcomers and veterans, for artists and fans, for lovers of music and lovers of history, for people from Frankfurt and for people from everywhere.”

We were there on the opening day, where we enjoyed an evening full of local djs and of course the dj of the first exhibition of the museum Sven Väth closing the night.

MOMEM focus on modern electronic music that has shaped our cultural history and still keeps on doing so. MOMEM will be a place to explore, conserve and experience the historical dimensions and influences of electronic music. We will take you on a journey from the beginning to the future. A place of continuous movement and transformation, turning from a museum into a stage into a bar into an academy and back again. A vital environment in the heart of Frankfurt and a museum that encourages everybody to participate and interact.

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We were visiting the MOMEM, where for this first edition they are presenting the life and career of their local artist Sven Väth, where we passed by his vinyl collection that he has been acquiring for about 40 years and with more than 20.000 copies of his collection, where you can find music of all kinds and tastes, something that attracts much attention and that if you get to see carefully you can find priceless jewels in the electronic scene.

After seeing this large collection of vinyls, we move on to the most interesting part of the museum, where we find an exhibition that is completely interactive with each of the visitors, as we can find a completely visual and auditory exposition. There we find hanging headphones and virtual reality glasses.

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In each of these headphones you will find something that they call “The Sound of Sven”, there you can find some of his tracks, podcasts of his most iconic performances and as they say it, his particular and precursor sound with which he has built his career and forged his image in this scene that he has made his life.

On the other hand, in these augmented reality glasses, you could find different moments of his career, both at festivals and in interviews that Sven has done throughout his 40 years of career and where you were transported to those magical moments that he and the whole scene have created and have made history around the world.

It is definitely a place you should visit, not only for what it represents in the electronic music scene, but, for what it represents in music in general and the artistic position that is given to this genre as a true musical art, of which lives are built around it and show the capacity, importance and impact that this can have over the years.

I hope this will help you to get to know a little more about this genre so loved by many and give you a good tour of the city of Frankfurt. 🙂

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