MOMEM – Museum Of Modern Electronic Music

We all know that Berlin is the capital of Techno. People from all parts of the world travel to Berlin to experience the clubbing scene that the capital of Germany has to offer. However, many forget that other German cities such as Frankfurt also have great music experiences to offer. 

Frankfurt am Main is now the home of the newly opened Museum of Modern Electronic Music – MOMEM. The museum opened its doors on June 4, and as good Germans, they had to throw a Techno party with the legendary DJ Sven Väth and many more local artists.

“A platform for newcomers and veterans, for artists and fans, for lovers of music and history, for people from Frankfurt and everywhere.”


MOMEM focuses on modern electronic music, which has shaped and continues to shape our cultural history. MOMEM will serve as a venue for examining, preserving, and experiencing the origins and influences of electronic music. We will take you from the beginning to the end of time. A place of constant change and transformation, transforming from a museum to a stage to a bar to an academy and back again. A vital environment in Frankfurt’s heart, as well as a museum that encourages everyone to participate and interact.


The exhibition: SVEN VÄTH – It’s simple to tell what saved us from hell.

In the first exhibition, the museum is presenting the life and the career of their most loved local artist:  Sven Väth. The display starts with Sven’s 20.000 vinyl collection that he has been acquiring for about 40 years. Among these records, you can find music from all kinds and tastes. If you pay careful attention, you would find priceless gems of Electronic Music that have marked various generations. We loved it! 

After seeing this extensive record collection, we move on to the most exciting part of the museum. “The sound of Sven ”, where we submerged into a complete visual and auditory experience with headphones and VR glasses. The exhibition’s second part shows Sven’s most iconic tracks, performances, and interviews worldwide.

MOMEM called it “His particular and precursor sound with which he has built his career and forged his image in this scene that he has made his life”.

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If you are very passionate about Electronic Music, then MOMEM is a must-stop you should do when visiting Germany.

MOMEM not only represents the importance of Electronic music as a form of art but also as a representation of German culture. not only offers different exhibitions, but it also does workshops and panel talks about the industry regularly.

The Sven Väth’s exhibition costs € 12.00 and you have two hours to explore and learn. You can buy the tickets directly from MOMEM’s website.

The museum is also a channel that shows how this genre has shaped other cultures and rhythms worldwide. A place of continuous movement and transformation, turning from a museum into a stage, an academy and a bar. A stimulating environment in the heart of Frankfurt and a space that encourages everybody to participate and interact. 

I hope this will help you to get to know a little more about the museum, the genre so loved by many and give you a good insight into what Frankfurt can also offer 🙂

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