Beats Catcher Podcast 03 – AndresM

AndresM is an enthusiastic vinyl collector and Dj for over 10 years. I met him in Medellin, where he used to organise events with local and international artists.  I’m super lucky to share my music obsession and passion with the love of my life ☺

He recorded this set on Vinyl only and Includes tracks from:

R&S Records, Domenic Cappello, Dekmantel Records, Smallville Records, Lawrence, @lovenotesfrombrooklyn, Watergate Records, @Inmydreamslabel, Jerome.C, Janet, Florian Hirche, Mork, Andu Simion, Nick Höppner, Blind Observatory, @gofinger, Ostgut Ton, etc …

Let us know if you like =)

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