Record Store Day 2018

For some of us, Record Store Day (RSD) is kind of a big deal, you have to plan your day ahead depending on how you want to spend it. If you’re looking for represses then plan your store-hopping tour around town, but if you’re more into the in-store parties then the Phonica RSD party should be high up on your list.

This 2018 RSD event was memorable, that weekend the weather in London was sunny and happy (didn’t last long tho) and the lineup at Phonica basement party was as usual filled with surprises (they only announce the DJs just before they start playing), this year it included the likes of:

    • Dj Boring
    • Kink
    • Daniel Avery  (closed the event with an epic Techno set)

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A word of advice, as this is a free event and Phonica even offers free beers inside you should try to get in early as it can get super busy. Also if you get tired of beer fast then make sure to bring in whatever you fancy drinking as if you go out to buy something you’ll have to queue again.

Thanks to Phonica for consistently throwing the best RSD parties in town, we look forward to the next one.



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