Episode 14 – Dj Knife

Carlos Morossini aka DJ Knife from the “Cuatrocuartos Bestial Crew” collective in Mexico city delivers this groovy set with different styles of house music, ranging from acid, deep house and disco.
Make sure you follow him @dj-knife


  • Jeigo – An ode to midnight
  • Chris Mitchell – Illuminiscent invasion
  • Roy davis Jr & Peven Everett – Gabriel
  • Jacksonville – Every single word
  • Amir Alexander Everybody is beautiful
  • Jonno & Tommo – Shark City
  • Luke Hess – Suplication
  • Alton Miller – Way of the drum
  • Dj Spinna & Hugo LX – Liquid Keys
  • Ron Trent & Tkumah Sadeek – I’ll seer the light
  • Mike Huckaby – The Jazz Republic
  • Stephane Attias – Body fusion

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