Beats Catcher Podcast 02 – James Wibble

We are happy to be back with the second Beats Catcher podcast featuring  James Wibble, an enthusiast DJ and music lover from Ipswich, Suffolk.

During one hour, he delights us with fine house melodies driven by groovy Tech-house and Techno sounds.

To hear more from him check out his personal Soundcloud, he shares monthly sets of Techno, House and Deep House.

Instagram Wibles1981

Track List 

  1. Renato Rodriguez – Farewell   
  2. Rodriguez Jr. – Cily (Original Mix
  3. The Peacemaker Project – Wir Sind Frei (Thomas Schumacher & Victor Ruiz Remix)   
  4. Hector Couto – Get It On  
  5. Dubspeeka – DroneDs7  
  6. Rodriguez Jr. – Petropolis   
  7. A Desk Outside Piscis Park  
  8. Raxon – Digital Age  
  9. Hobo – Levitate  
  10. Victor Ruiz – Soul Seek  
  11. Animal Picnic & Aaryon – Carthago (Original Mix)  
  12. Mr Fingers – Qwazars


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