Featured artist – Sckribled

Skcribled delivers an absorbing and slow-pacing Techno/Ambient set that is impossible to let go until you’ve finished it.

We‘re constantly jealous of the amazing Techno artists and parties he helps to organise in Medellin with Move. If you’re ever in town look these guys up! Catch him next year at Freedom Festival

This is a very special episode for us, hope you enjoy it as much as we did 🙂


1. Memory Fragments – Morphology
2. Passage 7 – Passages
3. Squad Free Force – Steven Rutter
4. EditSoloPunchin19 – Peter Van Hoesen
5. Aqua 2 – Donato Dozzy & Nuel
6. Silver Sun – Simon Shreeve.
7. Slowdisto – Peter Van Hoesen.
8. Habitation – Head Technician
9.Truest Coffer – Charles Manier
10. Haar Glans Altijd Strak – Identified Patient
11. Color Of Your Soul – Roberto Auser
12. Enola – Principleasure.
13. Hospital Acid – Photonz.
14. Falso Lider – Black Propaganda
15. Always – Morgan Blanc.
16. Resurrection (vinyl exclusive – hidden track) – Curses

I like Techno but I love House Music. Less is More - Yoga Lover

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