Baum Park Medellin 2017

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In May I went back home after two years and a half since my last time, it was really nice to have the chance to see my family and friends again.

During my time in Medellin, I had the opportunity to go to the first edition of Baum Park Medellin, I had so much fun!! I couldn’t believe that this festival was happening because when I used to live there, we didn’t have many festivals, not like this one.

Baum Park was headed by Agents of Time, Scuba, Joris Voorn, Marco Bailey, Juan Atkins, Anja Scheinder. People from Medellin love Techno, Scuba was one of the most awaiting DJ’s of the night he was definitely my favourite Dj of the night along with Marco Bailey and Juan Atkins this legend from Detroit never disappoints. You can listen to Scuba’s full set here  here 

The Festival was presented by Baum the infamous club in Bogota and The Breakfast club Colombian, one of the best promoters in the city. The location was “El Parque Norte” a thematic park on the north side of Medellin, the sound system was incredible good and the crowd vibe was perfect there were locals and lots of tourists, sometimes I felt like I was still in Europe I’ve never seen so many tourists in my city I was super happy for that.  Medellin is known for lots of bad things is nice that people from other countries get to know the real Medellin.

I decided that I was going to enjoy my time to the fullest so I didn’t record many videos or took many pictures, however, the official after movie is out. For the pictures just follow the link Part 1 & Part 2 


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