Why Festival Forte is our top rave for this summer

Festival Forte by Day

This year we wanted to go beyond the all-day party at a big warehouse/park or a music week at a big city so we decided to head out to Festival Forte at Montemor- O- Velho Castle, Portugal, on August 22-25

Traveling to summer Techno festivals is one of the most exciting experiences that we look forward to each year but nowadays we are spoiled for choice as there are too many Festivals to choose from.

Here are the 3 key reasons why we’re so excited about Forte Festival

1. The lineup: The lineup is mostly Techno and Ambient music, there’s a healthy dose of Techno legends like Oscar Mulero, Anthony Linell, Dave Clarke, Jonas Kopp, Paula Temple, and Voiski.

There are also many other less known artists that are amazing too and since there’s really just one stage you won’t have the problem of having to miss out on acts because you were moving to another stage.

Forte Festival Line Up
© Festival Forte

To bring the point this home, you should listen to this Spotify playlists that the team at Forte recently put together, it will give you a taste of what type of music to expect.

2. It’s in a castle: There are other festivals in castles, but it’s not often that we get a chance to rave inside the walls of a medieval one in Portugal an in close proximity to a beach.

3. It’s an audiovisual experience: There will be a variety of art installations and visual artists performing throughout the 4 days.

We look forward to seeing VJs on the main stage but also to explore the art galleries and the visual installations spread throughout the venue.

If you’re interested in buying tickets or finding information about travel, camping or lineups go to www.festivalforte.com

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