Lobster Records, an East London hidden gem

A few months ago we heard that record label Lobster Theremin had opened its first record store in London, as usual, we needed to check this place out.

Lobster records is tucked away in a residential area of east London, near London fields overground station. It’s not in the type of place where one could expect a record store to be, it’s literally the only store in a whole block in a very quiet street. But once you do find it, it’s a worthwhile experience.

The staff here are very friendly, don’t be shy to ask for recommendations as they will happily flood you with loads of great records and you’ll likely find a few exclusive releases of their own distribution that haven’t hit the streets yet.

The range of music in here is varied but with a particular focus on deep house, melodic techno and a dancefloor bangers. I think is only electronic music in here tho (Yay).

A few things that made this store remarkable:

1. They have 4 turntables for customers, which is rare and really nice… Nothing worse than queueing for the 1 and only turntable in record store.

2. The tags that someone written to describe the records are quite unique and creative, this person deserves a raise.

3. Even the plastic bag looks gorgeous, carry your  records proudly 🙂

Overall this is a fantastic little record store, one you should visit if you’re looking for a calm environment where you can dig crates comfortably and find great tunes.

For more record stores goodness make sure to read our article about shopping for Techno and House records in London.


For more record stores goodness makes sure to read our article about shopping for Techno and House records in London.

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